Best photography school in Vancouver


Canada has creative and respected photographers, as well as, some of the best environments for photography in the world. Canada has the best landscapes where practical training of photography can be given. A photography school in Vancouver doesn’t only teach photography. Students becoming teachers at Ottawa’s school of Photographic Arts bear testimony to the excellent training they have received. Students use the skills they have acquired to pass their knowledge on to newer students. The training includes foundations in digital media and photography. Those who have studied at a photography school in Vancouver find that their skills are prized, and the doors of opportunity and employment swing wide open for them. They have had the theoretical and practical training of working with light to create fantastic images. They have to then develop a portfolio by doing actual photo shoots and are thus taught to look at the business side of photography i.e. making money from it. When students have finished training at an accredited photography school, they are ready to work.

Elizabeth Zvonar, Artist and Finalist for the 2016 Aimia AGO Photography Prize

Elizabeth Zvonar, Artist and Finalist for the 2016 Aimia AGO Photography Prize

The Aimia/AGO has shortlisted Vancouver’s Elizabeth Zvonar artist and a finalist for the 2016 photography prize. She is competing against artists like Talia Chatrit, Jimmy Robert, and Ursula Schulz-Dornburg for the top award of $50,000. The piece that brought her to the nomination list is a photo print on aluminium set on high heels, the heels, being gold stilettos. Born in 1972, Elizabeth Zvonar is a graduate of the Emily Carr University. The main inspiration for her pieces is moments from everyday media including magazines and even art history. She is not afraid of turning even the most boring topics into art pieces, including science textbooks! She delves deep into the hypocrisies surrounding the world’s portrayal of women in the context of history and consumerism. The Aimia/AGO competition is a worldwide program that recognizes, and awards photographers that have showcased extraordinary pieces in the previous five years. The program allows the public to choose the winner; this means You get to pick the winner for the 2016photography prize. If Elizabeth Zvonar artist and finalist in this year’s competition is your favourite artist, then go ahead and vote for her.

How good is a photography kit for iPhone?

How good is a photography kit for iPhone?

An iPhone takes amazing photographs with just a tap on the screen. Even if you do not buy a photography kit for iPhone you can still take amazing photos. But if you are serious about photography and want to maximise the photo taking capability of your phone, then a photography kit for iPhone does help a lot. Here are some accessories that you can include. (1) A tripod – For getting good long exposure, a tripod is a must. It keeps the camera stable and you can get a great photo. If you are travelling light, small, creative options are available online. (2) External lens – By getting an attachable lens for your iPhone , you can get DSLR-quality photography. The best lenses for iPhone photography and also the most popular are the Olloclip lenses. You can choose from a wide variety, and you can start with the 4 in one classic combo. (3) Light source – Though the flash on an iPhone is great, an external light source can enhance the quality of pictures in complete darkness. One of the cheapest and simplest types are the Manfrotto LED light source. There are many more things to consider like the storage device and power banks but I am not discussing that here as they are not essentially a part of photography. Keep a look out in later blogs if this is something you are interested in.

Victor Aerden Landscapes of Canada

Landscapes of Canada

Victor Aerden – A photgrapher’s inspiring Canadian landscapes:

Victor Aerden was born and raised in Belgium, a place he describes as flat and heavily populated. He recently moved to Canada and decided that there would be no better way to discover his new home and landscape than by travelling the country and taking exquisite photographs.

His landscapes of Canada make his audience feel as though they could reach out and touch the beautiful scenery he captures. Any Canadian would be proud to have their homeland displayed in such beauty as Victor Aerden captures in his lens. Some of his most notable landscapes include Mt Assiniboine playing Hide and Seek, Upper Lake, and Lonely Chapel.

Although his photography is generally just of his travels getting to know the vast and underpopulated Canada, there is a professional almost whimsical quality to the images he captures that make Canada seem almost too good to be true. However, it is all here in his beautiful and inspiring photography.

Animal photography

Animal photography - blend in!

Animal photography is quite different from photographs of nature or photographs of human beings. The main reason is that with animal photography everything keeps on changing, and you will need to adapt to the situation. Here are three simple Tips for wildlife photography which really help.

(1) Be away from personal space – Yes folks animals also have personal space and if you get too near they get afraid and run. In that case, you can lose the chance of taking a cool photo. The best thing to do is to sit still and use the zoom to get the pictures.

(2) Taking photos early in the morning and evening – Midday, when the sun is overhead, is the worst time to take photos. At this time, the sun can cause really bad shadows and also create problems of exposure to light. Early morning between 8 AM and 10 AM and 2 PM to 4 PM are the best timings to take wildlife pictures. Slightly overcast conditions can sometimes be perfect for taking photos of animals.

(3) Use fill flash – Using fill-in flash can help catch the light in the eye of the animals and birds. It also helps increase the contrast and sharpness of the image.

Fashion photos – Tips for a shoot

Fashion photos gallery

Are fashion photos all about clothes and models? I differ on this point with the general view. Fashion photos are the result of the hard work of an artist, commonly known as a fashion photographer. The job is complex for the photographer, who has to take care of all of the aspects of photography, like light and exposure, and assimilate it with clothing and the model. Here are some tips and tricks that are the secret behind a great fashion photo. Running the Camera on Manual Mode – The first thing to be aware of is that your DSLR camera will always run in the manual mode. Indoor photography in a studio is easy as you will have control over the lighting, while the outdoors are more difficult as the light is always changing. Photography Equipment – Fashion photographs require a high-quality digital camera. The megapixels make the difference without a doubt. Lighting is Most Essential – In fashion photo shoots, lighting is very critical. The right type of light with the perfect intensity is the difference between a good photo and a great photo. Outdoor Shoots – If you like to shoot landscape photos, outdoor shoots will not be difficult. The things to keep in mind while shooting are exposure, mode and lighting (always changing). Editing the Photos – With digital photography, the use of editors is an essential part, and Adobe Photoshop is by far the best editor.

Spiritual photos – Tips for clicking them

Spiritual photos

Spiritual photos are different from the normal photos that you click. They need to have that something “more than a normal photograph. Recently I was taking photos for a yoga training center. The photos of meditation, trance dance and the asanas. It was quite a challenge and stretched my creativity to the limits. However I learnt a lot in this project which I will be sharing with you.

(1) Getting the right image – While taking photos I realized that spiritual photos of meditation are of two types – (a) Photos where focus should be on the asanas and (b) Photos where the focus should be on the expression. So I had to apply natural photography tricks and combine them with tricks of taking pictures of people. This blend worked perfectly.

(2) Using Silhouettes for asanas- While taking photos of yoga poses I came up with the idea of taking silhouette photos during sunrise and sunset. It came out perfect. I have shared a similar photo so that you can see the effect.

(3) Feeling the photo while editing – This was what I was doing while editing the photos. I would try and feel instead of being purely technical about it. Spirituality is all about feeling, is it not?

Smartphone effect on Photography

Photo taken by iPhone6

Have you watched the current iPhone6 advertisement. It tells about amazing photos taken by the smart phone camera. With the introduction of the phone camera or is it camera with the phone, what ever, the traditional camera has taken a backseat. In fact cameras are only purchased by professionals or people with the hobby of photography. Even the digital camera is taking the hit. The reasons behind smartphones overtaking the traditional camera for amateurs are:

Easy to carry and handy – Smart Phones are lighter and easier to carry. It is generally carried along everywhere you go. So an easy way to capture pictures.

Sharing is easy – If you take a picture on your DSLR you have to download and then share on social media. On a smart phone this can be done instantly. One of the reasons why smart phone clicks rule the world today. The wireless connectivity is what makes the smartphones tick as the device to take pictures.

Cameras in smartphones getting better – The cameras in smartphones are comparable to the best digital cameras. With the amazing applications which lets you edit the photos it become even better. It is easier with the touch technology where you do not need the irritating mouse. The camera phone is here to stay.

Storage devices – The biggest problem for smartphones has been solved. Plug and store pen drives for smartphones are now available. R.I.P the traditional camera.

11Plug on Lenses for phones – Sony introduced the plug on lenses for its Xperia series and that means zoom which was the monopoly of DSLR is taken away. Now you can mount a lens and shoot from your phone. Convenient is it not?

The future of photography

First camaraLooking back in 1814 when Joseph Niepce made the first camera, we can appreciate how the field of photography has evolved to be not just a career to many but a hobby to all. From a camera developed by Joseph Niepce that will take 8 hours to develop a picture to photographs that are taken by smartphones and printed at home today.

Photography is one field that to took over from painting in preserving history. Painting was used by nobilities and wealthy individuals of the past to have their likeness made. Some of the paintings that still exist to date show how painting was not perfect. Photography came and improved the world of painting. It brought out the reality of scene and preserved its true content. However, ever with the invention of camera, pictures were better than painting but not accurate.

That is why innovation in technology surrounding photography will never stop. Something has to be improved and something new has to be added. From adding communication capabilities like WiFi to flying it around mounted on drones. Also adding cameras to mobile phones and reducing them to a size of a shirt button. These are just but a few innovations we’ve seen in recent time.

Camera on drone the future is here
What about the future? How will a camera be and how will it improve photography? The possibilities as endless and some are imaginable to us today. Think of Joseph Niepce waking up today and using a smartphone to take a photo. He will be shocked. That is what the future of photography will be to us. It will be beyond our imagination and much better than we have today.



Autumn Photography Tips

Autumn or fall is the best time of the year to capture different colors in a photo. The number of shades of the same color you get in fall you will not get in any other season. So do not wait and waste time but grab your camera and start shooting. Keep in mind the following tips and your day will be made.

Fall photo in Twilight

Photograph during early hours and evening – Twilight and Sunset are the best time to unravel the colors in a different way. Fall photography in twilight really gives amazing photos. You can see the array of colors in the picture above. You will never get so many colors other than twilight.

Late Afternoon Fall

A very good tip is photograph outdoors in fall when your shadow is longer than your actual height. This is late afternoon when the light is best for capturing the light and shade.

Fall Overcast Photo

The mistake people do is that they will not go out to take a photo when it is overcast. I have shot some amazing photos in overcast conditions.


Always use a tripod while shooting in fall. This is the time when light changes very quickly. A steady tripod helps to shoot photos which are always better.

Go ahead and make this autumn/fall your own by capturing moments which you can cherish later.Here is one video to guide you.