Benefits of Copper Water for Pregnant Women

Ayurveda suggests the consumption of copper treated water for its healing and nourishing properties. Copper is an essential mineral required for the proper functioning of the body but cannot be synthesized by it. If you look up on the internet you will find various benefits of drinking copper treated water. One such benefit is of helping women through pregnancy and nourishing the growing baby.

But the question is how does it help with pregnancy?

Well, this is how copper helps pregnant women during this beautiful but excruciating journey.

  • Copper is an essential mineral required for the production of new red blood cells. It has the potency to keep up with the apt number of blood cells required for the expecting mother and the growing baby.
  • Copper deficiency in pregnant women may lead to health issues such as fatigue, hair loss, diarrhea, edema, etc. in the first few months post delivery.
  • Copper is also crucial for the proper blood circulation in the body. Expecting women need more oxygen and thus a constant flow of blood is required to be maintained. Lack of copper may hinder this practice thus affecting the health of the mother and the child adversely.

These are some of the small ways in which copper would affect the body of an expecting mother. But apart from these, there are other health benefits of drinking from a copper water bottle during pregnancy as well, such as:

  • No chances of catching water-borne diseases– Copper has naturally occurring oligodynamic properties which means it is capable of killing most common types of harmful bacteria and microbes present in the water. Storing and drinking water from a copper tumbler eliminates the chances of getting infected by any water borne diseases.
  • Enhances the functioning of the thyroid gland– Copper is required for maintaining a balance between estrogen and progesterone. Zinc in the common element found in the medicines for hypothyroidism. On the other hand maintaining a balance between sufficient amount of copper and zinc is also important. Deficiency of copper in expecting mothers often lead to thyroid issues which can easily be managed with drinking copper treated water regularly.
Simple Winter photography ideas

Winter photography ideas

When you have a passion for photography, then every season has something new for you to explore. It is winter time and some great winter photography ideas should be popping up in your head right now. If not, no need to worry, we have your back. Here are some fascinating and fun winter photography ideas that you should consider trying out. The winter weather comes with a different effect that looks lovely on a photo, so try and capture the different sides of winter through these effects. Start by capturing the patterns that you see on the ice and trees at close range. See if you can find some great shots of a winter storm, falling ice or some great white ice landscapes. Winter is also the perfect time to play with your “white balance”, while you take beautiful shots of the sunset and winter lights. Lots of Photographers flock to Riding Mountain National Park to capture winter wonderland in nature. You could also join them and do some street photography, a photo shoot on the snow or just enjoy the stunning beauty.

How to do black and white photography

How to do Black and White Photography

With all the technological advancements that have taken place over the past few years, it is now possible to do black and white photography and do it right producing high-quality images unlike in the past. When learning how to do black and white photography, the first lesson should be on how to use a camera to take the right photographs. There are lots of different settings on lots of cameras, and one has to be well versed with most if not all of them to capture the right photographs. The second thing is the processing of the images. If you do not know how to process your black and white photos, you could not possibly say that you have successfully learnt how to do black and white photography. With the return of black and white photography on Instagram, there has been a surge in the number of photo-processing software that every photographer should learn to use in order to correctly process their photographs.

Canadian photo adventures from Canada to Greenland

Canadian photo adventures: Sail from Canada to Greenland

Canadian photo adventures are really great way to relieve stress. Sailing the ocean blue from Canada to Greenland is one of the voyages that you will never forget. The sail through the exotic route witnessing geographical diversity is really worth the effort, time and money spent. You start from the rocky St. Johns Harbour and head north along the Newfoundland coast. Along the way, you get to see Notre Dame and islands which were home to the original Vikings. Yes, the story is true that Northmen from these parts invaded Europe and were dreaded by Kings there. Going forward you get to visit the Torngat Mountains National Park. The park features mountains and azure blue waters which inhabit polar bear, seals, and whales. You can see the towering icebergs too which change colours according to the time of the day. After a sojourn in the park, the travel takes you east and then north across the Davis Strait right to Greenland. The Canadian photo adventures end here with a visit to the world’s largest icecaps.

Canadian professional photographers

Canadian professional photographers: Meaghan Ogilvie

Canada is a beautiful country. No wonder, it has some of the best photographers. As an award-winning Toronto photographer, Meaghan Ogilvie will say that Adding artistry to Pan Am has been a huge accomplishment. She is renowned for her unusual and attractive underwater images. The talented photographer says her love for the underwater world came from paging through National Geographic magazines. Now with her camera, Canadian professional photographers like Meaghan Ogilvie turn their love for nature into exciting photographic documentations. Through her photography, she is able to raise awareness to problematic issues facing our planet and its creatures. Any Canadian professional photographers would be envious of what Meaghan Ogilvie has achieved because one of her latest notable achievements has been when she was awarded a commission last year by Toronto Arts and Culture Festival of the Pan Am Games. She created a huge public exhibition, Requiem of Water. Apart from this she is always developing her skills further and working on smaller projects.

Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky

Portrait of Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky

Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky is also an artist and renowned for his large-format photographs of industrial landscapes. He was 11 when his dad bought a darkroom, complete with camera, and Burtynsky learned to make black and white prints. It didn’t take him long and he, along with his older sister, established a small business taking portraits. Later, he also started offering night classes in photography. From humble, small beginnings, just look where Edward Burtynsky is today. His works are exhibited in solo- and group exhibitions in all corners of the world – the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia. He is also a lecturer on photographic art, and his images appear in many periodicals. Finding it interesting? Why not try your hand at photography and get started with a loan from ? They offer loans of $100 to $1000 and you’ll be able to set yourself up with a nice camera and who knows where your new hobby will take you. Look at Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky – he had no idea that he would become a photographer with his large format field camera. Nothing risked, nothing gained and this skilled, award winning photographer was also awarded the title of Officer of the Order of Canada and nothing less than 6 honorary doctorate degrees.

Best photography school in Vancouver


Canada has creative and respected photographers, as well as, some of the best environments for photography in the world. Canada has the best landscapes where practical training of photography can be given. A photography school in Vancouver doesn’t only teach photography. Students becoming teachers at Ottawa’s school of Photographic Arts bear testimony to the excellent training they have received. Students use the skills they have acquired to pass their knowledge on to newer students. The training includes foundations in digital media and photography. Those who have studied at a photography school in Vancouver find that their skills are prized, and the doors of opportunity and employment swing wide open for them. They have had the theoretical and practical training of working with light to create fantastic images. They have to then develop a portfolio by doing actual photo shoots and are thus taught to look at the business side of photography i.e. making money from it. When students have finished training at an accredited photography school, they are ready to work.

Elizabeth Zvonar, Artist and Finalist for the 2016 Aimia AGO Photography Prize

Elizabeth Zvonar, Artist and Finalist for the 2016 Aimia AGO Photography Prize

The Aimia/AGO has shortlisted Vancouver’s Elizabeth Zvonar artist and a finalist for the 2016 photography prize. She is competing against artists like Talia Chatrit, Jimmy Robert, and Ursula Schulz-Dornburg for the top award of $50,000. The piece that brought her to the nomination list is a photo print on aluminium set on high heels, the heels, being gold stilettos. Born in 1972, Elizabeth Zvonar is a graduate of the Emily Carr University. The main inspiration for her pieces is moments from everyday media including magazines and even art history. She is not afraid of turning even the most boring topics into art pieces, including science textbooks! She delves deep into the hypocrisies surrounding the world’s portrayal of women in the context of history and consumerism. The Aimia/AGO competition is a worldwide program that recognizes, and awards photographers that have showcased extraordinary pieces in the previous five years. The program allows the public to choose the winner; this means You get to pick the winner for the 2016photography prize. If Elizabeth Zvonar artist and finalist in this year’s competition is your favourite artist, then go ahead and vote for her.

How good is a photography kit for iPhone?

How good is a photography kit for iPhone?

An iPhone takes amazing photographs with just a tap on the screen. Even if you do not buy a photography kit for iPhone you can still take amazing photos. But if you are serious about photography and want to maximise the photo taking capability of your phone, then a photography kit for iPhone does help a lot. Here are some accessories that you can include. (1) A tripod – For getting good long exposure, a tripod is a must. It keeps the camera stable and you can get a great photo. If you are travelling light, small, creative options are available online. (2) External lens – By getting an attachable lens for your iPhone , you can get DSLR-quality photography. The best lenses for iPhone photography and also the most popular are the Olloclip lenses. You can choose from a wide variety, and you can start with the 4 in one classic combo. (3) Light source – Though the flash on an iPhone is great, an external light source can enhance the quality of pictures in complete darkness. One of the cheapest and simplest types are the Manfrotto LED light source. There are many more things to consider like the storage device and power banks but I am not discussing that here as they are not essentially a part of photography. Keep a look out in later blogs if this is something you are interested in.

Victor Aerden Landscapes of Canada

Landscapes of Canada

Victor Aerden – A photgrapher’s inspiring Canadian landscapes:

Victor Aerden was born and raised in Belgium, a place he describes as flat and heavily populated. He recently moved to Canada and decided that there would be no better way to discover his new home and landscape than by travelling the country and taking exquisite photographs.

His landscapes of Canada make his audience feel as though they could reach out and touch the beautiful scenery he captures. Any Canadian would be proud to have their homeland displayed in such beauty as Victor Aerden captures in his lens. Some of his most notable landscapes include Mt Assiniboine playing Hide and Seek, Upper Lake, and Lonely Chapel.

Although his photography is generally just of his travels getting to know the vast and underpopulated Canada, there is a professional almost whimsical quality to the images he captures that make Canada seem almost too good to be true. However, it is all here in his beautiful and inspiring photography.