Camera Types and what they mean

There are many models of camera you must have come across while trying to buy the one for yourself. The sales man will try to sell the one he gets the commission for and you will like the one that looks beautiful. But there is more to a camera than just looks. Today we will try to learn about the types which are not too many.

Compact Camera
Compact Camera

Point and shoot cameras are technically known as compact cameras. You do not need to do much. Just look in the eye-piece and click and you will have the picture. The biggest advantage of a compact camera is their small size. You can carry it along wherever you go. It does not weigh you down. However this is not a good option as the images will never be high quality. You will have to pay a fortune for the higher level compact cameras, the price for which you can get better cameras of other types.

Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera (DSLR)
Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera (DSLR)

This is the most popular with amateur photographers nowadays. You can use you creativity with exposure and also the quality of images is better than compact cameras. They will have interchangeable lenses and you will have automatic as well as manual mode. This is the one I would like you to start with. The only disadvantage is that they are bulkier and would require a separate case to be carried along. Well nothing comes without disadvantages.

Mirrorless Camera
Mirrorless Camera

This is the newest technology. It has done away with bulkiness and has better image quality due to the better sensors. Well this I know very less about. So, I will elaborate some other time. They are expensive but worth if you are a professional.



Things needed to Start Clicking!

Well if you have never touched the camera and clicked a picture you are missing something really interesting. My father was the one who brought to me this amazing world of photography. He was amateur photographer but loved to click and has clicked great photo with his traditional zoom lenses camera. Now i have a DSLR but the things required for clicking a nice photo remain still the same.

Keep an eye for detail

You will make mistakes in beginning but carry on. Today I will tell you a few tricks to click a great picture without much fuss. The most important thing to learn in photography is exposure. Learning about exposure is not something that you can learn in a day. It is gradual and you will never learn all. It is better to start with a semi-automatic camera as it helps you learn the basics of exposure. using creativity to adjust shutter speed, aperture size will help you learn more. Using an automatic in the beginning will limit you range. There is a marked difference in correct photo and creative photo. I will take this topic later.

The shutter speed is another thing to take care. If you are doing still photography go for slow speed and for motion photography much higher shutter speed is required.

Different photo due to shutter speed.

Then is the aperture, which controls the light exposure. The wider the aperture the more exposed is the photograph. So if you want a brighter picture then aperture should be wide while a darker picture requires smaller aperture. Just see for yourself.

Aperture makes the difference.