6 Useful Tips for Photography in Low Light

Low light is mainly (1) Light in the shade area during the day – Things are visible (2) Light during Sunset – It is still visible but indoors become dark and (3) When there is little or no light at night. Our eyes adjust according to the light, so an area which might look bright to us may be dark for the camera.



Blurred photo in Low Light

This is what happens to an image if the light is not enough. Not much color and the nagging blur. How to get rid of such problems? Well here are few good to know tricks.

  • Switch to manual – Most of the automatic camera will shoot blurred photos. They also make us careless. When you are in manual mode you can adjust exposure and take a picture which is good. It also lets you learn more about art of photography.
  • Shoot opposite to light – Whatever little light is there, find out the source. Photographs taken opposite to the light source always turn out best.
  • Keep Still – Keeping still is most essential in low light. A slight movement can change the light conditions.
  • Use shadows – In low light shadows become longer. You can shoot a classy picture using the shadows.
  • Take multiple photos – Light conditions are always dwindling so take multiple shots.
  • Use flash – Use the old method by using flash to assist you. It really helps.
  • Get a faster lens – Investing in a lens with the maximum speed. You will feel the difference the most in low light conditions.

Good Photo Low Light

See what good tips and a great lens can do to a photo.