Sunrise Photography Tips

Amazing Sunrise Photo

Sunrise is the perfect time to take a click. There is the need to jump ahead of the sleep schedule and rush for the spot but believe me it is worth the pain. Generally people dismiss it saying sunrise and sunset look the same. Sunrise photography is the most under-rated. If you analyze it sunrise photos are different from sunsets and are breathtaking. Here are some great ways to take a photo like a professional when the sun is rising. I will today tell you some secrets.

  • Check your camera and battery – Unlike sunsets when you are up and running, sunrise is the time when you will forget things. What if you forget your batteries and bring the camera or vice versa. It will be a day wasted, so check it. It might sound obvious but still..
  • Carry 24-70 Lenses – These lenses are small aperture lenses and are perfect for sunrise photos.
  • Check the camera settings – This is the most important part. (1)Keep the shutter speed to 20 seconds as morning light is diffused and soft (2) keep low ISO. 100 will do as it will give the range of colors in the rising sun.(3) White balance should be “Shade” to keep the sunrise golden.(4) Picture format should be “Raw” to keep it open to all kinds of editing.
  • Shoot for 30 minutes – From the first rays to full on sunrise the span is roughly 30 minutes. Keep clicking all the time. You do not have to worry about space with modern cameras.