Winter Photography

Winter Photography Tips

Winter with the snowflakes is a good a time to shoot amazing photos. Whether you own a DSLR camera or a simple automatic point and shoot there is scope for everybody. Some planning needs to be done regarding the day and the equipments for a day with great photos.

  • Plan the hours – In winters the days are shorter. Late sunrise and early sunset means less number of hours with natural light for photography. So proper planning of locations will help you get more out of a day. Mind it the landscapes you can capture in Winter are the best.
  • Caring for equipment – Different equipment require different care in Winters. For instance the Camera needs to be cold at the temperature you will be shooting to avoid fogging of lenses. The batteries should be kept warm inside your coat pocket to avoid draining quickly.
  • RAW Format of shoot – The best results that you will get is in the RAW format of shoot.This will help in easy editing after the shoot.
  • Using Manual Mode of the Camera – Use the manual mode to capture the bright snow which reflects light. Auto mode will give darker pictures.
  • Add color to photos – Winter is a black and white season and when you take the pictures remember to add color.