Autumn Photography Tips

Autumn or fall is the best time of the year to capture different colors in a photo. The number of shades of the same color you get in fall you will not get in any other season. So do not wait and waste time but grab your camera and start shooting. Keep in mind the following tips and your day will be made.

Fall photo in Twilight

Photograph during early hours and evening – Twilight and Sunset are the best time to unravel the colors in a different way. Fall photography in twilight really gives amazing photos. You can see the array of colors in the picture above. You will never get so many colors other than twilight.

Late Afternoon Fall

A very good tip is photograph outdoors in fall when your shadow is longer than your actual height. This is late afternoon when the light is best for capturing the light and shade.

Fall Overcast Photo

The mistake people do is that they will not go out to take a photo when it is overcast. I have shot some amazing photos in overcast conditions.


Always use a tripod while shooting in fall. This is the time when light changes very quickly. A steady tripod helps to shoot photos which are always better.

Go ahead and make this autumn/fall your own by capturing moments which you can cherish later.Here is one video to guide you.