The future of photography

First camaraLooking back in 1814 when Joseph Niepce made the first camera, we can appreciate how the field of photography has evolved to be not just a career to many but a hobby to all. From a camera developed by Joseph Niepce that will take 8 hours to develop a picture to photographs that are taken by smartphones and printed at home today.

Photography is one field that to took over from painting in preserving history. Painting was used by nobilities and wealthy individuals of the past to have their likeness made. Some of the paintings that still exist to date show how painting was not perfect. Photography came and improved the world of painting. It brought out the reality of scene and preserved its true content. However, ever with the invention of camera, pictures were better than painting but not accurate.

That is why innovation in technology surrounding photography will never stop. Something has to be improved and something new has to be added. From adding communication capabilities like WiFi to flying it around mounted on drones. Also adding cameras to mobile phones and reducing them to a size of a shirt button. These are just but a few innovations we’ve seen in recent time.

Camera on drone the future is here
What about the future? How will a camera be and how will it improve photography? The possibilities as endless and some are imaginable to us today. Think of Joseph Niepce waking up today and using a smartphone to take a photo. He will be shocked. That is what the future of photography will be to us. It will be beyond our imagination and much better than we have today.