Spiritual photos – Tips for clicking them

Spiritual photos

Spiritual photos are different from the normal photos that you click. They need to have that something “more than a normal photograph. Recently I was taking photos for a yoga training center. The photos of meditation, trance dance and the asanas. It was quite a challenge and stretched my creativity to the limits. However I learnt a lot in this project which I will be sharing with you.

(1) Getting the right image – While taking photos I realized that spiritual photos of meditation are of two types – (a) Photos where focus should be on the asanas and (b) Photos where the focus should be on the expression. So I had to apply natural photography tricks and combine them with tricks of taking pictures of people. This blend worked perfectly.

(2) Using Silhouettes for asanas- While taking photos of yoga poses I came up with the idea of taking silhouette photos during sunrise and sunset. It came out perfect. I have shared a similar photo so that you can see the effect.

(3) Feeling the photo while editing – This was what I was doing while editing the photos. I would try and feel instead of being purely technical about it. Spirituality is all about feeling, is it not?