How good is a photography kit for iPhone?

How good is a photography kit for iPhone?

An iPhone takes amazing photographs with just a tap on the screen. Even if you do not buy a photography kit for iPhone you can still take amazing photos. But if you are serious about photography and want to maximise the photo taking capability of your phone, then a photography kit for iPhone does help a lot. Here are some accessories that you can include. (1) A tripod – For getting good long exposure, a tripod is a must. It keeps the camera stable and you can get a great photo. If you are travelling light, small, creative options are available online. (2) External lens – By getting an attachable lens for your iPhone , you can get DSLR-quality photography. The best lenses for iPhone photography and also the most popular are the Olloclip lenses. You can choose from a wide variety, and you can start with the 4 in one classic combo. (3) Light source – Though the flash on an iPhone is great, an external light source can enhance the quality of pictures in complete darkness. One of the cheapest and simplest types are the Manfrotto LED light source. There are many more things to consider like the storage device and power banks but I am not discussing that here as they are not essentially a part of photography. Keep a look out in later blogs if this is something you are interested in.


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