Canadian photo adventures: Sail from Canada to Greenland

Canadian photo adventures are really great way to relieve stress. Sailing the ocean blue from Canada to Greenland is one of the voyages that you will never forget. The sail through the exotic route witnessing geographical diversity is really worth the effort, time and money spent. You start from the rocky St. Johns Harbour and head north along the Newfoundland coast. Along the way, you get to see Notre Dame and islands which were home to the original Vikings. Yes, the story is true that Northmen from these parts invaded Europe and were dreaded by Kings there. Going forward you get to visit the Torngat Mountains National Park. The park features mountains and azure blue waters which inhabit polar bear, seals, and whales. You can see the towering icebergs too which change colours according to the time of the day. After a sojourn in the park, the travel takes you east and then north across the Davis Strait right to Greenland. The Canadian photo adventures end here with a visit to the world’s largest icecaps.


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