Smartphone effect on Photography

Photo taken by iPhone6

Have you watched the current iPhone6 advertisement. It tells about amazing photos taken by the smart phone camera. With the introduction of the phone camera or is it camera with the phone, what ever, the traditional camera has taken a backseat. In fact cameras are only purchased by professionals or people with the hobby of photography. Even the digital camera is taking the hit. The reasons behind smartphones overtaking the traditional camera for amateurs are:

Easy to carry and handy – Smart Phones are lighter and easier to carry. It is generally carried along everywhere you go. So an easy way to capture pictures.

Sharing is easy – If you take a picture on your DSLR you have to download and then share on social media. On a smart phone this can be done instantly. One of the reasons why smart phone clicks rule the world today. The wireless connectivity is what makes the smartphones tick as the device to take pictures.

Cameras in smartphones getting better – The cameras in smartphones are comparable to the best digital cameras. With the amazing applications which lets you edit the photos it become even better. It is easier with the touch technology where you do not need the irritating mouse. The camera phone is here to stay.

Storage devices – The biggest problem for smartphones has been solved. Plug and store pen drives for smartphones are now available. R.I.P the traditional camera.

11Plug on Lenses for phones – Sony introduced the plug on lenses for its Xperia series and that means zoom which was the monopoly of DSLR is taken away. Now you can mount a lens and shoot from your phone. Convenient is it not?